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Meet Conex Books®

We’re thrilled to annouce the launch of Books®, Conex’s complete library management solution that empowers libraries teams to talk less and do more.
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Conex Sahabe®

Try our Cloud service for Conex Sahabe®, and experience the state of the art in management, security and performance solutions at the demand.

Conex Touch®

Conex Touch® security solutions, get full control over your business by using the best in the market of identification systems.

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Conex products are free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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people are 100% more productive when they are using Conex solutions.

Conex Data Center

Support 10 to 100,000 users

The Data Center deployment options is designed for running business critical Conex applications in your own data center.

Security & Privacy

Deploy our stack behind your firewall and own your own data. Plugins integration, and robust permissions in software.

Predictable licensing

All our pricing are available online by simple request, no haggling required and we offer SLA's up to three years for long term planning.

World class support

We have lot's of documentation, training, and 24/7 senior support through Premier Support. Help is always available when it's needed most.


Conex solutions is used in highly regulated industries because of the ability to customize logging and use backups to make snapshots.

Connected Experience

Realtime and asynchronous communication is the key to getting teams all over the world together. Our software is ready for the challenge.

Flexibility & Extensibility

Every products features customization, add-ons, and extensible API's for custom development.

Select Support

Select Support is included in your Conex license and active maintenance, and ensure our support engineers are available during your business hour.

Priority Support
Conex Cloud

With Priority Support for Conex Cloud, get elevated levels of support to help you speed up issue resolution and keep your critical Conex Cloud systems running smoothly.

Priority Support
Conex Server

Priority Support for Conex Server ensures your mission-critical needs, Conex Server and Data Center applications scale successfully.

Premier Support

Premier Support offers our highest level of support, including coverage for all of your Conex applications and 24/7 access to a team of dedicated senior support engineers.