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Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin by taking up a webinar of the product. The trial is completely commitment free and does not include any setup costs or hidden charges. The trial covers free 24x7 support, all software upgrades as well as free training sessions. You can request a demo by going to Trial Page or schedule a one-to-one training session with us.

Yes, you can use Conex Versity in your local language. We can provide Conex Versity in any custom language as per your requirement. However, the PMS will work only in one language at a time. The default language will be English and the other will be the custom language you choose.

No, you won’t have to start again, and your data will also remain as it is. That’s the benefit of cloud system. You will be able to continue working with your data as configured in the trial period once you purchase the services.

Conex Versity is a web based solution built with the help of SaaS Technology. It does not require high end hardware solutions but just requires good internet connection that is easily available worldwide. There is no need to install any software.

All you need is a Web browser e.g. Google Chrome

We have arranged heavy-duty, industry standard server and network architecture which ensures maximum uptime, Data Center security, other connections and firewalls.

To prevent loss of data due to any unforeseen situation, this information is continually backed-up to secondary and tertiary systems hosted on different servers located across the continents.

Conex Versity is a cloud based system which runs on a secure server at multiple locations. Availing the benefits of this technology, the system will save your backup, along with a backup of your backup data on a server guarded with firewall and other protection measures. As a result, you will be able to access your system from anywhere at anytime without any loss of your data.

Conex offers various support options and can be reached through several platforms 24x7. Please visit our support assistance page for more details.

Conex offers and plans are based on a huge range of modules, add-ons, and third party integrations; and not all of the offerings are required by every property. So, we provide a complete modular pricing whereby you only pay for what you need. The software pricing solely depends on the hotel requirements; i.e. the number of rooms, the terminal licenses needed, interfaces required, etc. To find the pricing as per your requirements please fill the Price Request form and our sales team will be happy to provide you the pricing structure as per your software prerequisites.

In case of Cloud based solutions, Conex by default charges you on quarterly or yearly payment preferences.

Since Conex Versity is a cloud product, its service does not include any license fees or other hidden charges, instead we only charge subscription fees. For that, Conex provides various payment options like online credit card payment, bank transfer, Paypal, etc. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Conex offers a fully functional free 14 days trial version for you to evaluate the software. We even offer free implementation and training during the trial period. As we have a ‘try before you buy it’ approach, we do not offer a refund for our products.
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